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Residential Cleaning Services

It is difficult to manage your job, family and your social life all at the same time. Of course, you need some help at home. Take back your valuable free time for the things you love by booking your trusted cleaners with Specialist Carpet & Cleaning Services.

Having a cleaner in your home is a delicate situation – trust is very important. We treat every household as an individual case and pay great attention to any particular requirements. We go to great length to allocate a right cleaner to a right household, to make your cleaning arrangement hassle-free, efficient and provide value for money.


Each cleaner we allocate has to go through our stringent vetting system where they are personally interviewed, their documents (passport, proof of address, work permit, 2 references from previous employer, next of kin details) carefully checked and their copies kept on file in our office.

Before we start allocating cleaning operatives to regular clients, they have to undertake 2 weeks of training in our End of tenancy team under close supervision of a leader of the team. Only after we are fully satisfied with the quality of work along with her interpersonal skills such as punctuality, reliability, diligence do we introduce the cleaner to our regular clients.

Here at SCCS Stoke, we provide an on-going support to all of our cleaning operatives by carrying out regular training on: health and safety, customer service, housekeeping, green issues, such as recycling and cleaning procedures using biodegradable cleaning products.

Our regular Residential Cleaning Service include: cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors, polishing cabinets, dusting and polishing furnishings, eliminating cobwebs, wiping window sills. cleaning fireplaces, washing floors, cleaning mirrors, removing rubbish, cleaning refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, cleaning surfaces, tidying and much more.

Regular Cleaning Checklist

Take a look at some example chores a regular home cleaning can include. You are more than welcome to give us your personal list of priorities, so we can focus on doing exactly what you need.


  • Scrubbed, rinsed and left shining
  • Shower fittings and glass cleaned
  • Toilets scrubbed/disinfected (incl. base and behind)
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Tiles and fittings cleaned and left shining
  • Door frames sanitized

Bedrooms and Common Areas:

  • All furniture / picture frames dusted
  • Door frames and light switches free from fingerprints
  • Carpets vacuumed (under bed if reachable)
  • Wall marks cleaned on request
  • Skirting boards wiped down
  • Dust window blinds


  • Stovetop and range-hood cleaned
  • Cupboard wiped down
  • Inside and outside cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • Fingerprints removed from door frames/light switches
  • Inside windows and sills wiped down

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If you require a one off cleaning to freshen up your home we also can help you. We can organise a team of cleaners to come at a day and time convenient for you. Our one-off cleaning services are suitable for all customers who do not need cleaning on regular basis.

We offer a broad range of cleaning options as part of our one-off clean services, including worktop washing, vacuuming, skirting and furniture dusting and bathroom cleaning. Specialist Carpet & Cleaning Services can supply all the necessary cleaning tools and materials upon request.


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