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De Infestation Insecticide Treatment

Our De-Infection & Insecticide Treatment Service is best suited for clients who have pets or infection problems and complies with your "de-infection" clause you might have in your tenancy agreement with your Landlord or an estate agent. For this reason, we clearly itemise the rooms you have used this service for in your invoice, especially if you intend to submit it to your Landlord as part of your end of tenancy agreements.

Sccs Stoke provides de-infection treatment that works effectively in helping to get rid of dust mites and other allergens. We adopt a step by step cleaning approach which sees us start with a steam clean of your carpets and upholstery using our industrial grade machines. This helps to get rid of most of the infections at a go; while we apply our finishing touch by applying our specially formulated insecticide through a pressurised canister while the upholstery or carpet is still damp.

This approach is the most effective way to eradicate and prevent fully:
• Cat & Dog fleas 

• Indian meal moths 

• Mill moths 

• Carpet moths 

• Ticks 

• Ants 

• Carpet beetles 

• And other crawling and flying insects 

Our de-infection and insecticide treatment has zero after-smell and assures zero fire risks. It provides you, your family and pets a healthier environment to live in.

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1. Full Service Clean
Coming up with lucrative service of preeminent cleaning of your carpet getting directly down to its base and removing most residue, coarseness and different contaminations. Some mobile furniture gets moved about and the carpet behind and underneath, completely cleaned. Furniture are then moved back set up on defensive thwart tabs to forestall furniture colours recolouring your carpet.

The fundamental point here is vacuum cleaning. Around 80% of all dirtying in the carpet is dry soils that must be vacuum cleaned preceding utilizing any type of wet cleaning. At Specialist Carpet Cleaning Services, we will dependably vacuum clean your carpets regardless of how clean they may look or whether you drifted them preceding our entry. It's simply our standard of cleaning!

Special features of cleaning service:
• Removes Dust Mites, Bacteria and Viruses as standard giving you the perfect 
hygiene carpet 

• This happens through high heat (up to 90 C) generated by our top of the range 
portable carpet cleaning unit. 

• Improved indoor air quality improves gives you better sensation of freshness 

2. Premium Service Package
Premium service package is our best seller for the cleaning services. It contains all the exclusive services including in the deep clean services along with the thorough cleaning we will moves most furniture including sofas and also apply Carpet Stain Protector, or

equivalent, that repels most water- and oil-based liquids as well as reducing wear and tear. It also makes subsequent cleans easier.
The Protector simply prevents those little life disasters from happening giving you Complete Peace of Mind. This service is particularly suitable for living areas as well as halls and stairs because of the amount of foot traffic they get
VIP+ Package Features:

What makes the VIP package the most suitable is the whole year cleanliness of your home and office. The takeaways of this service are:
• free emergency call outs, 

• Discounts of additional cleaning and more. 

• You receive a FREE bottle of our carpet and upholstery spotting (RRP £5.99 for a 250-mil bottle)
• You also get up to 2 FREE spotting visits within 6 months of the service being carried out.

Total core plan
Total core plan is intended to keep your carpets and delicate decorations crisp and solid throughout the entire year. It is flawlessly reasonable to youthful families with children or families with pets, or just individuals who needs to appreciate pleasant looking carpets and upholstery. This bundle causes you spare cash by broadening the life expectancy of the things in the program along these lines maintaining a strategic distance from the requirement for untimely substitution. It additionally gives a solid home condition to your family.

The Total Care Service:
• Our Deep Clean Service took after by Scotch guard protector, all that at Half Price!!! This rebate applies just to things incorporated into the program.
• Full Cleaning/Protector treatment a year. Try not to stress over recollecting! We will remind you closer the time and organize a helpful arrangement to do the administration once more. 

• FREE lifetime supply of our Professional Spotting Product – once the administration is completed we will leave with you a container of our popular "Stain expulsion" spotter. It's particularly intended to expel stiff-necked stains from wet launderable carpets, upholstery and floor coverings. 

• Be that as it may, what's shockingly better, when the container runs out, we will fly round and top it up for FREE as long as you are individual from the Total Program