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SCCS Stoke  thorough rug cleaning treatment in the workshop would first agitate the rug and remove loose dirt particles thoroughly. Rugs would then go through cleaning process where biodegradable “sponge-like” compound would be brushed into the rugs to absorb remaining dirt in the rug. Call 08006891293

The brushing action would also help to open and lift up flattened carpet fibre while cleaning the carpet inside-out, to revive its softness again. Chemical safe stain removal would be applied on spots where there are visible stains on the carpet. The compound would be left in the carpet to soak dirt particles in the carpet and will be thoroughly removed and discarded at the end of carpet cleaning treatment.

If the rug release some unpleasant smell, an odour removal treatment will be proposed by our cleaning specialists, which would take additional few more days of treatment to ensure unpleasant smell is neutralised. Call us now on 08006891293

Finally, cleaned rugs will be sanitised with SCCS Stoke   chemical safe treatment that will eliminate bacteria and other micro organisms like dust mite, mould, fungi, that could be lurking in the rugs.

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 All of our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced machines available. These machines will clean right down to the base of your carpets and extract grit, dirt and stains and leave your carpets fresh, clean and healthy. Our cleaning process also ensures that germs and other harmful bacteria are killed using the best anti-bacteria and anti-fungus cleaning solutions. Call us now 08006891293

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