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We are the company in Stoke on Trent to clean mattress using a 100% dry and chemical safe mattress cleaning technology, originated from Europe and is manufactured by the world’s original mattress cleaning technology inventor. Call us now on 08006891293

It is important to keep our mattress clean and hygienic as we spend 1/3 of our time on the bed. Ironically, dust and dust mites are mostly found within the mattress and is one of the dirtiest furniture in a home, but many people are not aware of the problem because our mattress is always nicely covered by bed linen.

The mattress makes an ideal breeding ground for dust mites because the mattress is warm, humid and collects high amount of human’s dead skin flakes that are shed every night when we sleep. Besides dust mites and dust, the mattress also contains our body fluid residue, bacteria, and other micro organisms. Call free on 08006891293

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 All of our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced machines available. These machines will clean right down to the base of your carpets and extract grit, dirt and stains and leave your carpets fresh, clean and healthy. Our cleaning process also ensures that germs and other harmful bacteria are killed using the best anti-bacteria and anti-fungus cleaning solutions.

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we are your local professional Matress and upholstery cleaning company covering Stoke on Trent, Leek, Crewe, Keele, Stafford and Manchester.